Garden Cart – Make Light Work of Heavy Loads

Gardeners across the nation can attribute to the benefits of gardening on physical and mental health. For many, planting and watching something grow and flourish brings a sense of wellbeing. For others, pruning, cutting and even weeding is a good outlet following a frustrating day. Whatever your preference though, gardening is not always physically kind and I’m not talking about the odd thorn scratch; I’m talking back pain!

In this blog, we take a look at:

  • How to reduce potential back injury from gardening
  • Why are Garden Carts better than wheelbarrows?
  • What is the queen or king of carts?

Gardening – 5 Tips for Reducing Back Injury

Back pain affects half of all adults over 40, with one of the most common causes being gardening. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are our top – and easy – tips for avoiding back pain from gardening…

1. Garden Warm Up 

You wouldn’t dive straight into a cardio work out in a gym without warming up first and the same applies to gardening activities. 

Some basic squatting and stretching exercises will help no end. 

2. Think about how you lift and carry

Lifting from a crouching position, with legs bent and a straight back is the way to do it.

If the item is particularly heavy, carry it lower down, pressed to your body to reduce the pressure being placed on your back.

3. Of course, if you can avoid it, don’t carry loads that are overly heavy in the first place

It may seem like more work to divide a load and do two runs to get it to where it needs to be, but it’s pain-free work! Alternatively, transport the load in a garden cart.

4. Kneel, don’t bend 

If you’re going to be weeding or planting in one place for a while, kneel down rather than reach over and bend down. Knee pads or cushions are worth considering for comfort and to avoid prolonged contact with the damp ground.

5. Take a tea break or two

Giving yourself regular rests will not only provide respite for your body but will also give you a good opportunity to assess your gardening activities. Plus, the odd biscuit helps keep up energy levels…

Wheelbarrows Versus Garden Carts

For many people, avoiding heavy lifting normally means placing the item into a wheel barrow. For small loads and short distances over even terrain, wheelbarrows are fine. But how many of you have wrestled to manoeuvre a wheelbarrow at some point and even tipped it, and its contents, over?

When it comes to slightly more demanding requirements and heavier loads, or if you generally find using a wheelbarrow a struggle, a purpose-designed garden cart is the answer.

You might think all garden trolley carts are similar, but you’d be wrong! Some come with a big price tag as they are designed for professional use, but this type of heavy-duty garden trolley is normally unnecessary for everyday gardeners. Instead, you need one that is well priced, durable, stable and easy to use. Our Q Garden Poly Garden Dump Cart fits that bill; is a great all-around 4 wheel large garden trolley for your garden – plus it’s even puncture proof.

The King or Queen of Garden Carts

Despite weighing just 15kg, this garden cart has an impressive 150kg (330lb) weight capacity which just so happens to be the weight of an average panda! If you don’t happen to have a lazy panda in your back garden, then the cart can also be used to transport garden waste, tools, compost, logs, hoses and much more.  .

Once you’ve got it to where you want it, an ingenious tipping mechanism – whereby the back wheels move under the cart – makes it possible to deposit the load at that exact spot and not tipped halfway across the lawn or patio. tipping mechanism – whereby the back wheels move under the cart – makes it possible to deposit the load at that exact spot and not tipped halfway across the lawn or patio.

Click below to find out more about the Q Garden Poly Garden Dump

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