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A Beginners Guide to Gardening

In this blog, we look at:

  • Deciding what works best for your garden
  • How to prepare your garden
  • Keeping your lawn and lawn edges in tip-top condition
  • How to safely maintain trees and shrubs
  • Things to consider when planting

If you’re new to gardening and feel a bit overwhelmed, fear not!  Once you have the basics in place, you’re free to experiment and create a vision that works for you. 

First things first, take some time to think about what you really want from your garden. Perhaps you’d like to create some privacy? Maybe you want to introduce some bold, vibrant colours, or create a nutritious vegetable garden? Once you’ve decided what’s important to you, the key is to take your time and start slowly.

Declutter your Garden

Start by tidying up your garden space and getting rid of any broken or old garden furniture or debris.  This is also a great way to recycle, either by donating or by embarking on your own separate DIY project.  To save time, you might want to consider using a durable garden cart to transport material. Not only will this allow you to make fewer trips, but it will also be kinder to your back!

Mow, Mow, Mow You Go!

To keep your grass looking beautiful all year round, mow your lawn once a week during Spring and Summer. For smaller gardens, you might want to invest in a lawnmower that is compact and lightweight, such as the QG30-1200 electric hover lawnmower from Q Garden, which is perfect for grabbing out of your shed and getting straight to work. For medium-sized gardens, you might want to consider the QG33-1200 electric rotary lawnmower, which will create a traditional striped finish on your lawn. Or, if you have a larger garden, a petrol lawnmower, such as the QG40-145SP from Q Garden, will give you the freedom to get to work without the worry of cables and plug sockets.

Once you’ve mowed your lawn, don’t forget to add the finishing touch by defining your lawn edges. For this, you can use a pair of lawn edging scissors, or a powered lawn edging tool.

QG500ERHT - Lady cutting tree branches

Safely Maintain Shrubs and Trees

Trees and shrubs are a great way to transform your garden, but they do need to be kept in shape. Prune any branches that look damaged, dead, or a bit out of control with pruning shears or an electric hedge trimmer, such as the QG500ERHT, to keep them healthy and free from infection.  The beauty of these is that they can also be used to clear overgrown weeds, cut firewood, or fell trees with little vibration and noise.  Do take care of nesting birds though.  Once you’ve done this, sweep up any grass cuttings, fallen leaves, or small branches, before they start to rot, with a rake or a cordless garden leaf blower and vacuum, which will get the job done quicker and with less physical effort.

Sowing the Seeds

Now you’ve got a blank canvas with a vision in mind and the tools to tackle it, you’ll need to think about what you want to grow and where you want to grow it? Think about how much sun hits certain areas in your garden. The number one mistake you can make here is to put plants in the wrong location.

You’ll also need to assess the soil in the garden as this will determine the type of plants you can grow, for instance, plants such as Azaleas, camellia, and rhododendrons thrive in slightly acidic soil as it gives them better access to nutrients. Here you have a couple of options, such as purchasing a soil testing kit. However, the easiest (and cheapest) option would be to simply take a peek over your garden fence to see what’s thriving in your neighbour’s garden.  

Once you’ve established this, you have two options: buy seeds and start from scratch or buy starter plants. Lots of flowers and vegetables, such as radish, carrots, and lettuce are easy to grow from scratch, so you might want to choose this as an easier and more affordable option.

Bring Your Garden Vision to Life

The beauty of gardening lies in versatility, both in terms of what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. It’s a work in progress with no set rules. So, whether you want a place to unwind from the busy world, a space to entertain, or simply a place to relax and spend time with family, think carefully about what you want to achieve, create a plan, and then take your time and enjoy bringing your vision to life, at your own pace.

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