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Celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

In this blog, we look at:

  • How to get your garden ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
  • How to choose the best petrol or electric lawnmower
  • Maintaining lawn edges and tidying up hedges
  • Bringing the Jubilee spirit to life with plants and decorations

As the nation prepares to celebrate an extended long weekend in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, garden parties are the perfect opportunity to head outside and celebrate this historic milestone occasion.

Get Garden Jubilee Ready

If you’re planning a Jubilee Garden gathering of your own, we’ve got a few ideas on how to get prepared for a royally good garden party. Start with the basics, such as mowing the grass, weeding, and tidying up. 

Give your lawn the royal treatment with a fresh cut. Nothing transforms a garden better than a fresh cut and what’s more, why not round up your guests for a quintessentially British garden game of croquet on the big day.

How to Choose the Best Petrol or Electric Lawnmower

The QG38-1600 electric lawnmower from Q Garden is a great choice for larger gardens. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more powerful without the restraints of wires, a petrol lawnmower such as the QG39-130 rotary lawnmower or the QG40-145SP self-propelled lawnmower will get the job done in half the time. If you’ve got a smaller space or prefer something a bit more lightweight to easily grab out of the shed, an electric hover lawnmower, such as the QG30-1200 from Q Garden is a great way to quickly achieve a smooth finish. And speaking of finishes, the QG33-1200 will help you to create that traditional striped effect on your lawn.

Don’t forget to define your edges and strim back any stray grass with a line trimmer, such as the QG250ELT. Or, to make things easier, tackle both jobs with one piece of equipment and opt for a combined electric line trimmer and edger, such as the QG300ELT or QG500ELT.

  • Maintaining lawn edges and tidying up hedges
  • Bringing the Jubilee spirit to life with plants and decorations

Maintaining Lawn Edges and Tidying up Hedges

Add the final jewel to the crown by tidying up any rogue hedges with a Q Garden hedge trimmer. Not only will this be aesthetically pleasing, but a quick trim also helps to promote good health and stimulate new growth.

Bringing the Jubilee Spirit to Life With Plants and Decorations

Now the basics are done, you’re ready to add some vibrant colour and that’s where potted plants come in. Opting for red, white, or blue blooms is a great way to bring the Jubilee spirit to your garden. What’s more, they make a great gift to give away to guests after the party.

If you’re feeling a bit more green-fingered, late May and early June is a great time to plant roses, so why not plant your own “Elizabeth”, a graceful new pale-pink apricot rose, launched to mark the Jubilee.  Named in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth, has a strong, sweet, yet fresh fragrance with hints of lemon sherbet and Old Rose and is ideal to plant in a mixed border, rose border, shady area, and rose hedge.

Embrace the Jubilee Vibe

The Bank Holiday is a great opportunity to enjoy some traditional old-fashioned fun with family and friends so create a classic British garden party in your back garden with some festive decorations and embrace the Jubilee vibe. Hang flags on patios or around sheds and wind fairy lights around bunting, so you can switch on a little sparkle as the sun goes down.

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