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Autumn Gardening Tidy Up

As the summer comes to a close and we look to a change in the season, many of our gardens already have that autumn garden colour but as a result of the long, very hot summer we’ve experienced, rather than the onset of autumn!

Our gardens certainly deserve some extra attention before cold weather sets in.  Autumn is the time to tidy up your garden before it goes into a more dormant state throughout the winter months.  So put away the deckchairs and BBQ for another year and let’s get going on some autumn gardening jobs.

In this blog, we look at:

  • Tidying up your garden
  • Maintaining hedges
  • Collecting fallen leaves

Lawns: The Last Mow of the Year

Grass grows less vigorously in autumn so you may well be able to get away with just one final mow for the year.  But don’t be tempted to mow too low; instead raise your lawnmower blades to around 4cm and wait for a dry day.  To finish off the job, use a Q Garden Electric Linetrimmer to tidy borders and edges.  Remove thatch, aerate the lawn and repair any bald patches. 

Autumn Gardening

Hedges: The Birds Have Flown, so Prune Away

You should generally avoid pruning hedges in summer as birds are frequently nesting in them.  By early Autumn, your hedges will therefore need maintenance.  Whilst you could opt for shears, using an Electric Hedgetrimmer is far easier and quicker. The Q Garden 500W 56cm (22″) Electric Hedgetrimmer is ideal for small to medium gardens and is great value for money. 

If you have a deciduous hedge, then you have the added advantage of additional autumn colour in the garden to look forward to.  Of course, you also have the leaf collecting to deal with, which is far less interesting.  Thankfully we can offer a quick solution – see below.

Trees: Watch for Falling Leaves!

When you prune a tree will depend on the type of tree, but generally deciduous trees should be pruned in autumn.  If you do have deciduous trees, then now is the time your garden will start to be carpeted in their leaves.  It’s important to clear up the leaves as they will smother anything underneath them – especially grass – and can make surfaces slippery to walk on. 

Autumn Gardening

How Do You Get Rid of Leaves?

You could collect them by hand, but using a leaf blower such as the Q Garden 3000w Electric Garden Blower & Vacuum makes light work of this (it’s also ideal for collecting those hedge-clippings!).  Unlike some other leaf blowers, the Q Garden machine incorporates a shredding system that reduces vacuumed material down at a ratio of 10:1, leaving you with a highly compostable mulch that will take-up minimal space in the capacious 45-litre collection-bag.

For heavier, bulkier garden waste, use the Q garden 150kg (330lb) Garden Poly Dump Cart to easily transfer matter to your compost bin.

An autumn garden can be a beautiful one if you have the right plants in place and follow these simple autumn garden tips!

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