March Gardening Tips


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Get the Most Out of Your Garden This March

In this blog we look at the following:

  • The right garden blooms
  • Grow your own vegetables
  • Grow your own broad beans
  • Grow your own chillies
  • Grow your own peas
  • Grow your own tomatoes
  • Give your lawn a spring boost

Welcome to March, when gardens come alive with vibrant blooms and the promise of new life! If you’re feeling inspired to get your garden into shape this month, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips on what flowers and vegetables to plant to bring your garden to life.

So, let’s get started!

The Right Garden Blooms


March is a great time to start getting your garden ready for the spring season. If you want to get your garden into full bloom this year, start by selecting the right blooms for your garden. You can find wildflower mixes specifically designed for your area or try sowing Echinacea, Coreopsis, Lupin or Achillea indoors. Additionally, Dahlias are a great option for gardens and can be sown in a heated greenhouse/propagator, or indoors (warm windowsill) in March.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Create a vegetable patch
Create a vegetable patch

March is the perfect time to start growing your own vegetables. Whether you want to grow broad beans, chillies or peas, there are a variety of options to choose from…

Grow Your Own Broad Beans

Broad Beans
Broad Beans

Broad beans are a productive, easy-to-grow crop that can be grown in pots or directly in the ground.

Sow direct in the ground, spacing the seeds 30cm apart or they can be grown in pots on a windowsill or in a greenhouse (How to grow Broad Beans) .

Grow Your Own Chillies


For chillies, opt for compact, small-fruited varieties and early ripeners for the best results. They can be sown in pots on a windowsill or in a greenhouse. Extra tips here: How to grow Chillies

Grow Your Own Peas


Peas can be grown in large pots for shoots or in the ground for peas. Choose hardy, early varieties for sowing in March. Whatever vegetables you choose to plant, ensure you sow the seeds 5cm deep and 30cm apart. Tips here: Peas

Grow Your Own Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a staple of many home gardens, and are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Tomatoes can yield a bountiful harvest of juicy, flavorful fruits.

Sow from late February to mid-March in a heated greenhouse/propagator, or indoors (warm windowsill), or outside from late March to early April. Further tips can be found here: Grow your own tomatoes

Give Your Lawn a Spring Boost

Lawn Boost
Lawn Boost

The days are growing lighter and warmer, and it’s time to wake up your lawn with a spring boost.

So, what should you do to give your patch of green the best start this season?

  1. Pull weeds to reduce competition for nutrients and water.
  2. Your lawn will be long for the first mow, so set the blades high to avoid choking the mower with clippings.
  3. Aerate, scarify, and fertilise your lawn to encourage new growth and thicker grass.
  4. Use the mulching function of your lawnmower to leave grass clippings behind and return nutrients to the soil.
  5. Tidy the edges with a lawn edger or spade to instantly improve your lawn’s appearance.

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